Kanger T3s Clearomizer

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Kanger T3S BOTTOM COIL Tank Clearomizer


Just When You Thought The Vapor and Flavor Couldn’t Get Any Bigger -Kanger Has Stepped It Up Again!


Product Description

This clearomizers is just like the T3, with the exception of the coil assembly.  Now you can simply replace the coil itself, rather than the entire assembly, saving you time and money. That’s the reason why this clearomizer produces large amounts of vapor and has a very clean and long lasting taste.

A clearomizer like this one that’s easy to fill and gives you a hit that’s so smooth and clean makes this a no-brainer to try. 



  • Thread: eGo (*You will need an adapter to use with 510 battery)

  • Resistance: 1.8 ohms

  • Coil Type: Bottom Coil 

  • E Liquid Capacity: 3.0 ml

  • Atomizer Type: Replaceable Atomizer Head

  • Length: 2.75 inches 

  • Diameter: .55 inches


Steps to Filling the Kanger T3S Clearomizer:

  1. Hold the tank upside down and unscrew bottom coil

  2. Fill with approximately 2.6ml of liquid (Make sure to avoid filling the center tube with e-liquid, as it is strictly for airflow).

  3. While it is still upside down screw the bottom back on the clearomizer


For best results, allow the e-liquid to soak for 1-2 minutes before vaping.


Important Note: The Kanger T3 Replacment Heads and the Kanger T3S Replacement Heads are NOT Interchangeable.